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Why Am I So Dead? // Bering and Wells (lyrics: Tell Me Why by Within Temptation)

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youre such a nerd i love you



Anonymous said: What is this virtual Murder Club thing?

Oh my anon! Well! Here have a thing:

After season 1 ended on a show that had so much potential (and femslash potential!) a few wonderful souls took matters into their own hands and created two extra Virtual Seasons of this marvelous show called, Women’s Murder Club (aired in the US 2007-2008). Holy hell was it fanfuckingtastic. These writers put together two cohesive amazing seasons and I cried when it was all over. The writers, graphic artists, betas, and whoever else worked on this amazing project deserves more accolades than I am probably equipped to give.

As for the show itself, Women’s Murder Club was based off of James Patterson’s novels of the same name (*ahem* loosely) and starred Angie Harmon (badass Inspector before R&I), Laura Harris, Paula Newsome, and Aubrey Dollar. All four characters jumped out of the screen and captured our hearts, or at least mine. Of course there might have been a divide or two in f/f pairings…   Were you a fan of Lindsey/Jill or Lindsey/Cindy? :P  While personally I was for Lindsey/Cindy, there were many a Lindsey/Jill/Cindy fic that stole my heart too!  Really, I think the actors nailed these ladies and I do wish they had more screen time. (I fell for Cindy just a little too hard which surprised the hell out of me!)

The VS took everything to the next level and I am forever grateful for all the effort and amazingness that went into it all.  You guys seriously kicked ass.  

That is why I love being a fangirl; nothing ends if we don’t want it to. 

Click to find Virtual Seasons 2 & 3 

and a big thank you to: InspectorBoxer, demeter94, mysensitiveside, liz_estrada, darandkerry, grumpybear1031, revolos55, Riley LaShea, Misty Flores


fangirl challenge → [2/20 female characters] → HELEN MAGNUS

 ↳ “Good doctors come and go, but the great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.”

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Women’s Murder Club  [rewatch] | 1x01 | “Welcome to the Club”

Airdate: October 12, 2007

imageYou know I love you like an annoying, emotionally stunted sister but I need probable cause.”

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Waterfall Dreamscape by Aaron J. Groen


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your eye color is pretty damn fabulous if i do say so myself


Thank you muchly! :)   (as is yours!)


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that starburst is absolutely amazing! you have actually stars in your eyes :)




# XWP OUaT parallels

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